about me

About me

My name is Nicoletta and Nicole Made is my nickname. I am an illustrator, colorist and graphic designer based in Florence, Italy.
It is difficult to talk about yourself, your character and your work. Out of shyness, one might be too modest or, due to an excess of self-esteem, too magnanimous. I can only say that I am quite satisfied with my work as an illustrator, which I do with great passion. I believe that in the professional life of an illustrator one can never stop growing, experimenting and learning new things. With this spirit of continuous research I face both my personal and professional life. I love drawing. I like to draw a little bit of everything: landscapes, characters, real and invented animals. I like realistic drawing but also drawing for children; experiment with new styles and solutions. I work with many techniques and in recent years I have dedicated myself with great passion to digital design. I have a preference for vector illustrations because of the graphic trait, the purity of the lines and the synthesis of the shapes. Recently, however, in digital bitmap illustration I am finding a valid tool for a softer design that allows to investigate in depth the effects of light and the depth of the shadows. There is certainly one thing that all my works have in common: color. The inspiration for a new illustration or series of illustrations can be found in everything, but more often than not it is the color that strikes me and that starts my creativity.
 I can’t say that I am an artist but I would like to become one. In fact, I don’t think I have made such a great contribution that I can boast this wonderful and desired title. But I feel a kind of push inside me, an urgent need to try to create something beautiful. I hope to do it soon. In the meantime, I will continue to draw the world around me and in my imagination. Is there anything more beautiful and exciting?

My study

I am passionate about drawing, painting, photography and communication through Visual Art. I also love science, math and physics. I have a degree in Molecular Biology and for many years drawing has been a personal refuge. Then about ten years ago I started my professional career as a graphic designer for a photography and advertising and publishing studio.

Degree in BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES with Biotechnological address. Experimental thesis

Diploma in WEB COMMUNICATION & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, at IED European Institute of Design in Florence

25-hour course on dynamic web pages management with WordPress at the Frame School Florence

Dipoloma in PHOTOSHOP COLORING, at the International Comics School of Florence

Diploma in illustration and digital illustration / E-design at the Nemo Academy of Digital Arts in Florence (three-year course)


Adobe Photoshop CC 2020

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Adobe Animate

Adobe Indesign CC 2020



Graphic design


English and Italian